How are domain valuations calculated?

Domain names are inherently valuable for their scarcity, brandability, and for what they can do to increase the visibility of your online presence. A domain that succinctly describes a product, service, or company is inherently valuable, as are domains that can be used across multiple markets or industries.

If a generic name isn't what you're looking for, unusual names and word combination are also popular. These may not describe a product, but they are memorable and can be molded into lasting brands.

High quality domain names sell for thousands, tens of thousands, even millions of dollars. Quality domains are becoming a hard item to find, with their values increasing year over year.

The descriptive nature of a good domain and are good examples of generic, yet descriptive, domains. Consumers interested in buying candy or looking for cars may intuitively type these names in to their web browser. On top of that, it is extremely easy to remember was an excellent domain acquisition. In a vacuum, Roku doesn't mean anything. The domain name, however, is short and easy to remember, and through branding, Roku has established itself as the household name for streaming movie and television programs over the Internet.

When you think about it, many major brand names did not have much of a meaning before they were created, such as Twitter, Netflix, Roomba, or the NFL. Yet over time these companies have become household names.

Recent public domain sales

Source DNJournal
Domain Price Date $75,350 1/21/2021 $75,000 1/21/2021 $75,000 1/21/2021 $60,000 1/21/2021 $50,000 1/21/2021 $44,000 1/21/2021 $35,001 1/21/2021 $32,264 1/21/2021 $25,388 1/21/2021 $25,166 1/21/2021

You can't afford to make the wrong decision

It's estimated that there are currently over 1 billion websites on the Internet. In this competitive environment, your domain name is vital in helping you stand out from the crowd.

The truth is that your domain is one of the most important business investments you're going to make. In this day and age, you have to have a good domain if you want to effectively compete. A great domain leads to competitive advantage.

We highly recommend .com domains. Click on our 'How to choose a domain' to see why.

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