What happens when I purchase a domain?

The current domain registrar managing all domains on HugeDomains is NameBright.com, which provides simple and secure domain registration, at-cost renewals, and more.

Managing your domain

When you purchase your domain, HugeDomains creates an account for you at NameBright.com. We'll send you an email with your NameBright account login information.

At NameBright, you'll be able to manage your domain settings such as URL forwarding, DNS, and more. If you need to link your domain to Wix, Shopify, WordPress or your hosting company, please contact us – we're happy to help.

When you buy the domain outright, ownership of the domain name will immediately transfer to you. You are free to transfer the domain to any registrar of your choice. Remember that transferring to another registrar will lock the domain for 60 days, making the domain ineligible for returns.

If you purchase the domain with a payment plan, you won't be able to transfer the domain away from NameBright until all payments have been made. Manage your domain settings at NameBright.com

Your domain comes with one year of free domain registration at NameBright.

Please note: To keep your domain, you must continue to pay yearly registration fees. These fees depend on the registrar, but typically run anywhere from $8.95 to $25.00 per year. IF YOU FAIL to pay these yearly registration/renewal costs to your domain registrar, your domain will expire, and you will no longer have ownership rights to the domain name.

Manage your domain at NameBright.com
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